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tv   [untitled]    March 8, 2011 8:00am-8:30am EST

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the opposition reportedly offers colonel gadhafi a way out of libya made rumors of foreign military intervention and u.s. defense secretary joke that bombing may be close. to the high think this is about what's what's going on ok she's correspondent in tripoli finds massive support for khadafy in the libyan capital contradicting international headlines that he's isolated and close to defeat. several u.k. universities are under fire for engaging with figured out the regime though getting controversial cash donations.
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for pm in moscow i match reza good to have you with us here on r t our top story libya's opposition has told colonel moammar gadhafi if he leaves the country now they won't put him on trial but libyan state television has broadcast denials i can offer you offered to quit it is family was allowed to safely leave the country violence continues in parts of libya more than three weeks after protests erupted a little later in the program we'll have a live report from artie's policy in tripoli for now though just a week ago media reports suggested that get off he was close to defeat but today he's still there and news of his downfall proved to be exaggerated earlier our policy or went to tripoli to uncover how things really stood. a warning on the streets of tripoli i want to say to just you know wake up because you're in deeming you know you can get more money get that levy and most of my money get that at the
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heart of the criticism the ports at the justice warplanes bombed and killed dozens of protesters in the capital city future of libya appears to be on a knife edge fighter jets have been bombarding the capital tripoli reportedly on the orders of leader moammar gadhafi later on they thought that it would force. the guns or something. and. it's not the to the truth seems more to be a city is it a business these are hardly the pictures of a city on the brink of war meanwhile libya's capital tripoli is bracing for what could be another night of gunfire explosions and fighting eyewitnesses say warplanes had been firing at opposition supporters from the air when we. freudian media to come to tripoli and. to see. reports can get
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turned on as we said the administration or the management of the channel and. what they want from these three bourse and eliminate what does not serve their purposes which is why people here are angry bahamas taking a few days off from his work as an engineer to join the throngs of gadhafi supporters in downtown queens where they hide things this i think is what's going on you know all the people are here of course just of the support for our leader muammar gaddafi was one of the higher but examine this it's not just what's being hidden it's also what's actually being seen. as a us. one sided picture of the. situation which kills the media with the idea that there is freedom fighters involved in media and that there is a government regime that in and atrocious terrorist government for the last since one thousand nine hundred eighty this is nonsense he had to just get up he said. do
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you mean it would be afghanistan. the bullet is clearly not in tripoli and just this clearly we still media has been a little too quick to get just so just see tripoli. and for more on this now we are joined live from tripoli by our teams paula so we are standing by so paula it seems that there is some kind of internal game going on in libya what else have we heard about the possible negotiations between khadafi and the opposition. it's not some kind of internal game with. all the one hand we hearing from opposition groups that one is in talks with him they say that he's asking for an opportunity to escape and that he's proposed a meeting of parliament transition period to pave the way for him to be also saying that he wants immunity from criminal prosecution and permission to take the country
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at large amounts of cash now all of these reports have been rejected by gadhafi who has denied these kind of on state television the opposition also saying that it leads now they would not consider seeking prosecution through the international court of justice but as i say we're not hearing any confirmation opposite the exact opposite from the gadhafi regime at the same time there's a lot of movement on the international stage there are still discussions for a no fly zone intervention latest word from the u.s. administration and the american president barack obama is that america is still considering military intervention now the u.s. defense secretary robert gates has been brought to speak in quite rephrased i mean he didn't realize that he was actually it might and he was. in kabul afghanistan by general petraeus betrayers job to come back so flying a little bigger plane a normal you know a launch some attacks on libya or something to which the u.s.
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defense secretary responded by laughing and supplying exactly something that has for the american administration and embarrassed them not our hearing rumors though that the united states has asked salvia radia to supply arms to whittles known him confirmation but. now just a week ago the coverage of this story in the mainstream media suggesting gadhafi is fate was all about what are you seeing on the ground in tripoli. so you not think that his fate is sealed to anything it seems it released immediately to be very good athlete hearing green screen and in large parts of it happen till city where it will be global and i people waiting in flags cheering it up to its name if it is a possibility and he said no winners and some of the supporters are being paid by the gadhafi regime whether that's true or not it can be tonight. so are the largest markets morgan city. policy there live
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for us in tripoli thanks very much for that report. asia times correspondent pepe escobar says the majority of the media coverage is in reflecting how the e.u. and u.s. leaders might be involved in forming a new libyan government. they don't know what kind of well positioned knight. if they can use their peers because in this league we rated. you fly an absolutely everybody from a progressive lawyer secular you go to islamist nuclear to your local science so nobody knows what who knew it was going to be. in the minds of the people deciding stealthily washington in brussels and london or paris ok if we go all there we propped up the next government will be in charge of the north in africa will be close to egypt in close to tunisia algeria will be controlling the
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region nato will be place this means the west called trolls north and africa so that's that's the real game that you won't see is called out in mainstream media for. not stepping in direct leave the us has helped create an environment that gave people in the arab world a feeling of international support that's the view of political analyst at the carnegie endowment matthew were jad his interview coming up in about twenty minutes time here's a preview. if you look at the slogans that those people are using they're not exactly pro western pro-american slogans there's a lot of kind of you know anti-americanism israel feeling i don't think they generally view themselves as being aligned with the american camp they're mostly aligned with their own interests but it is probably true that the united states and others talking about values like freedom and you know getting rid of authoritarianism have helped to create an environment in which you know those who are coming out on the streets in libya and egypt in tunisia you know feel that they
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have some international support or. several british universities have come under pressure over their controversial links with the libyan government a public outcry over donations from the khadafi regime to the london school of economics has forced the universities director to step down one of gadhafi sons studied at the university for more on this we're joined live from london by our t's laura hello laura so how can british universities are connected to worry jeanne that the u.k. government is now calling to be overthrown. well it's extraordinary more details of these connections are emerging all the time the most recent one is another son of gadhafi is his fourth son who was taught at the school of oriental and african studies also known as so us the us then following his student ship that announced a very lucrative deal with a libyan university where they would give them two hundred fifty thousand dollars in the region or to teach a finance course over in libya we also know of course about saif gaddafi he went to
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the london school of economics l.s.e. received to talk truth from there and then his foundation donated two and a half million dollars to the university the director of course of the university has stepped down over the revelation of that donation and we've also heard another university that has declared its links with libya itself ahead of the media finding out that's difficult john morse which has money donated from libya to run a business school and also a health faculty and the neonatal care facility so there seems to be quite a lot of libyan money floating around in british universities here some local schools have closely worked with the libyan government on several projects projects tell us more about some of those projects. that's right i'll tell you about one specifically which is kings college in london and their prison studies department forms of partnership with the libyan government to reform prisons in the country and they received money from both the british government and the libyan government
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to fund that projects now king said that it noticed a genuine desire to reform prisons inside libya and during their projects in the timeframe of the projects prisons were moved in libya to under the jurisdiction of the ministry of justice which is a positive move in any country and something that is recommended by human rights organizations however under the terms of this project the students from king's college had no access to to libya's most notorious prisons where often political prisoners are held without trial for years now that seems to be a huge admission on the part of the project team that a university says it was a toss up between not doing anything at all with the exclusion of these presidents and doing some good but critics of course say that the university still doubts in that case the scandal has drawn the attention to the origin of other foreign culture making its way to british universities tell us more about the. it has there's a wide range it turns out our foreign desk for giving money to u.k.
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universities and according to a report by the center for social cohesion many courses of british universities wouldn't be able to run without this money. include iran saudi arabia and china and i'll just take you through a few of them iran has donated a total of around a quarter of a million dollars across major universities in the u.k. daryn since andrew's and so as of course that we've already heard about there's a man who is the head of the arabian studies program at durham university and he says this is an event organized under the auspices of the deal that they have with the iranian government was monopolized by pro ahmadinejad's speakers and he also said that money from iran comes with strings attached so there is an enormous amount of concern about this money and how it affects academic independence and freedom of thinking at british universities iran also gave money to which and the money was used to fund to scholarships one of those scholarships was awarded to
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integrating in a cleric with close links to the regime in iran saudi arabia has given a total of in the region of sixty million dollars to british universities cambridge oxford so as a bird again in edinburgh and cambridge they've used that money to build centers of islamic studies and a saudi prince is allowed to then choose members of the management committee at centers and in oxford a member of the saudi government comes every year to address students again under the auspices of deals china also around a million dollars a year used to form cultural and language centers again. sheffield university and the university of edinburgh has benefited from that money and the chinese government refers to those centers as part of its foreign propaganda strategy really avoid range of money the same suspects in terms of universities. having a you know it's that big powerful and important universities across the u.k.
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receiving money routinely from the state government all right laura and that reporting for us from london thank you. and don't forget you can always log on and have your say on the stories we're covering today we're asking who benefits from the most from the wave of riots in the arab world log on to argue dot com and have your say. archie's first remarks kaiser and co-host d.c. herbert are in cairo from there they discuss how a right revolution may be the only way to cleanse today's economic system of endemic corruption kaiser report coming your way later today here's a peek. it's amazing the people here they say criticisms of the government and then the you see them for a moment thinking women can i say bad and then the light goes off they're like yes
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of course i can say that i'm free it's the opposite now in the united states where people will say something overtly critical of the u.s. then they think of themselves you can see their mind thinking wait a minute am i allowed to say that so here are the two ships passing in the night one is becoming democratic and free cairo egypt one is becoming ruled by a dictatorship of bank of america take a cue from the millions of streamed over thought over to. topple the dictator stream over the brooklyn bridge stream over the george washington bridge stream into washington d.c. surround a federal reserve bank the man of the dictator leave you all with yourselves to breathe freely for once. the united states is now seeing some protests along the same lines as those in the middle east itself first and state of wisconsin now washington d.c. unions have been calling for higher pay and better working conditions or he's christine looks at whether the anger there could translate into action. it is a rising tide spreading across the globe. as the angry the oppressed
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are fighting back against the oppressors in egypt a leader was taken down in libya he hangs on but barely in greece as many as thirty thousand protesters came out last month. angry at the ongoing austerity measures imposed by the government there in portugal it was the same thing and wisconsin remains at the crux of a fight described by many as the battle between the haves and have nots or the governor wants to take away collective bargaining rights of public workers well it turns out it's not just people whose job it is to protect and serve americans. it's also those whose job it is to care for americans these nurses here work for the largest hospital in washington d.c. it also has a level one trauma unit which means many of the patients they get are in the most serious of condition they the company that runs the hospital medstar is operating
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on the scene not only not wanting to give these nurses raises but also wanting to decrease their pain if they meds are also a severely understaffed the hospital and in the end it's not just the nurses the patients will suffer nurses have about six patients expression late at night sixty eight patients that's way too many patients cannot move do not get out of bed do not walk around and i think there's a huge problem of safety. they've been without a contract for nine months and are locked out of the hospital as other nurses had to be bussed in to care for the patients here we are those are some say the most frustrating thing is the sharp differences in those who run the hospital from the board room and those who actually run it in the emergency rooms and patient rooms traditionally c.e.o. pensions and and and wages are about three hundred times the average what the average worker makes and it's the average worker that's put me in the court and the
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product on the street that's put and that's doing the doing the job and it's just amazing that that corporate profits of coming from a worker fell welfare corporate profits versus worker welfare you could say it sums up most of the major conflicts but at what point are words not enough stunning pictures. even angry lawmakers this is an important moment in history this is a moment where we watch stand up and speak out and speaking out they increasingly are but will those you know whether in wisconsin egypt or on the streets of d.c. achieve a fundamental change in the system in washington christine freeze out archie. turned out of some other stories making headlines across the globe kosovo and serbia are holding their first talks since kosovo declared itself independent three years ago serbia has refused to recognize the sovereignty but the e.u. mediated talks were reportedly sidestepped that you spew instead discussions will
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focus on issues including trade an air traffic control thousands of people were killed in the conflict between the two when the ninety's kosovo was later placed under the un role. a massive explosion in pakistan's third largest city has killed at least twenty people injured one hundred police a car bomb was detonated at a petrol station causing several gas cylinders to explode resulting blast flipped cars and collapse nearby buildings authorities say the nearby offices of the country's main intelligence agency may have been the target. australia's state of queensland is once again being hit by torrential rains spawning yet more floods there's been one confirmed death after a woman was swept from her car when she became trapped in the raging floodwaters hundreds of homes and businesses are again deluged in the region recovering from statewide floods and more recently the devastating tropical cyclone meteorologist warned that there is more rain to come. to me tree medvedev goes up next with
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a business update stay with us here on r.t. . more news today violence has once again flared up. these are the images old world has been seeing from the streets of canada after. trying to corporations to rule the day. there in but. he needs radioactive dust and the d.v.d. radio in day in signal number they're going to go see these screens in that are. the most dangerous. radiation that they exist in the nature of them. all
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for hours the group of them in the vicinity of the known differentiate is so produce is so much the engine many changes in moving the pantsuit leukemia. by being out of the immune system. you don't have to have a college degree no you have to bring education to understand that if you spread radioactive materials all over somebody's backyard that you've got a problem. alone a warm welcome so you business see oil prices have retreated from that here high slightly that's after the organization of the chinese missiles and countries that it's considering increasing production in order to compensate for the declining outpost in libya french crude is at around one hundred fifteen dollars a barrel and the west texas blend is currently trading at just over one hundred
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five dollars a barrel. hopefully you will get back to that talk again first of all foreigners who try to make a living in russia have long realized that for all its ups and downs doing business here can prove very profitable artes such a curve has been following the progress of one french entrepreneur whose life has turned out distinctly rosalie. we take the field in french it's like see. i do something i try to do it's different when i fly around so grows roses with an usual twist and smell it. intriguing smells intriguing price says it's a niche market anyway. so you can buy the. normal roses and would you would buy one of these and taya is where this french business woman built her business it's in and we don't have no three in the me that have no way. it's
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a small village two hundred kilometers away from moscow first off thank you still here russia is very big it's there are a lot of fields and you can go anywhere but i also know laws of this country. of the law you don't go just wear you what you wear you know then though it's like a very very small country even split up and france florence bought land and built a white hectare greenhouses and her investments doubled to six million euros much to her surprise in russia you have to go through special entity that have a license it can double your post just because this company can work and then the specialist cannot work her remote location caused all sorts of problems lack of utilities construction delays and on daughters when she finally sold her first roses two years ago the main problem had people unwilling to work it's not only my
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problem what can be the motivation for people. living in the east you know it's not the money only it's well. we have. higher than average salary you. and. this is not to these you know. it's maybe it sounds pompous but there are heroes in ordinary life a foreigner comes to russia and tries to produce something interesting here fly around says how project should start paying back in about five years she plans to expand her business with the dream also offering a tailored service for exclusive clients i can imagine. her as a bump in the prison for the eighth of march for example is the fiftieth here if
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this is the man but then again you know. why. it's not there the unique value rose it'd be on the view it's gathered in the world and would be good but i didn't know. it's like. florence has been in russia since the ninety's and says she has now learned how to do business here i don't know the problem like. it. was. nearby it. had a good deal i don't have problems i'm not maybe part because i'm french but isn't a woman because they think they got in a bit maybe part of it is you. all right let's go back to our top story and that's of course the fluctuation of oil prices may ease down slightly but it's still relatively high let's talk to dave. global oil director for plants agency from
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london day thank you very much for joining us so how likely are we to see opec actually increase production now much of it an extra risk premium now we see in the oil price. well dmitri. is talking about this issue as we speak and their view is that there's more than enough oil markets make up for everything we're missing from libya and more so their chances of increasing production are very small right now but they're keeping a close eye on things at the same time as well there's a lot of important news to watch over the weekend is a day of rage planned in saudi arabia for friday and i think the market be very very concerned to see what happens there so it's keeping its options open but they seem inclined not to do anything right now if there's a risk premium but we were at ninety five dollars before all this cape off two weeks ago so i think it's fair to say fifteen or twenty dollars is the kind of premium we're looking at right now for it all but who knows where to go to figure out how violent and out in the next couple of days why we have seen a decline in production we're seeing
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a slight decline in. what kind of disparity between supply and demand that we're looking at right now well the markets are well supplied to me and three so you know even though when what are you talking about it is you know libya or any other countries bahrain for that matter on on even though people target the loading areas and even when they can the production areas is more than enough supply out there crude oil on the market right now so the supply demand scenario is actually fairly stable and also the kinds of production we're talking about losing right now libya is down by a hundred thousand barrels a day or so will you be losing a million or so barrels a day of production and supply in a market that is eighty five or even nine hundred million barrels a day of supply consumption so so far the impact is limited but of course everybody is assuming that opec in particular the saudi arabia will be there to pick up any shortfall and with the question every one of the oil market is will saudi arabia have its own problems to worry about over the weekend so that that could change the picture dramatically well from current supply and demand and going forward as well
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all right dave one final question very briefly we're running short on time what kind of impact are you expecting on russia's energy sector and russia's position on the energy markets. well this comes at an interesting time for russia because in the last couple of years in the last year in particular russia has made great strides in supplying oil to the far east particularly through the eastern siberian pipeline and through the porticoes minuter and into china you know i think so far john russia's had a little bit of a p.r. battle on its hands because most asian consumers which after all is the growth market tend to prefer supplies out of the middle east because they're known for being stable and reliable this these events of the last few weeks that really caused a lot of importers to pause for thought the greed of the japanese the koreans and the chinese and i think it's making them more favorably disposed to building up a relationship with russia where they might not have been before. they have bug a global directive while at platts agency thank you so much for your comments and for your time. that's all we have time for this i'll be back next hour with an
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update stay with.


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